Grilling Tips For The Cold Weather Months

winter gas grilling north carolina

If you think cooking on your propane gas grill is a summer-only activity, think again: with a little prep and planning, you can enjoy the delicious taste of a home-grilled meal any time of the year.

How To Grill In The Fall And Winter

Want to try a little cold weather grilling in the months ahead? Follow these tips:

  1. Clear the cooking area – Clear off any cooking or food prep areas, and be sure to keep a path to your grill free of snow and ice.
  2. Inspect your grill – Hoses and connectors can crack and freeze in the cold; keep an eye on them.
  3. Ventilate – Never grill indoors or in a covered area, where carbon monoxide can build to dangerous levels. Keep grills at least 10 feet from an open window.
  4. Wear appropriate clothing – Stay warm, but try to avoid wearing baggy clothes and jackets, which could catch fire.
  5. Always preheat – A propane grill will need a little more time to get going when temperatures drop. Preheat the grill to about 400 degrees for 10 minutes, then drop the temperature as needed.
  6. Block as much wind as possible – Make sure the wind doesn’t blow out the flame.
  7. Keep recipes simple – Use familiar recipes that require little close monitoring.
  8. Cover your grill – Keep the heat inside your grill to minimize cooking time.
  9. Be patient – Food takes longer to cook in cold weather, and grills take longer to reach optimum cooking temperatures. Add some time to your planning!
  10. Keep more propane on-hand – Your grill will work hard to stay warm, which means it will burn more fuel. Keep extra propane cylinders on hand to make sure you don’t run out when grilling a delicious meal!

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