Heaters for Your Western North Carolina Home

Reclaim your space with propane heaters!

propane heater installation north carolinaIs there a space in your western North Carolina home where your heating system doesn’t reach? Maybe you have an unheated addition, a finished attic, a garage or a sunroom you’d like to be able to use no matter what the weather.

James Oxygen & Supply can help you with that. We sell, maintain and repair propane heaters—both space and wall heaters—from top manufacturers, including Empire and Hearthrite.

These heaters can let you enjoy the view while relaxing in your sunroom all year round. You can work in your garage or workshop in comfort. And that shed out in the backyard? Turn it into a man cave or a she-shed!

Vented heaters and unvented heaters

You have choices when it comes to choosing a propane heater. You can choose between wall-mounted heaters and freestanding heaters, radiant or forced-air heating, and more.

The most important choice will be deciding between a vented heater and an unvented, also called vent-free, heater. What’s the difference?

Vented heaters funnel the combustion exhaust from the back of the heater into a chimney or vent that sends it safely outside.

Vent-free heaters, made for heating single rooms, have the advantage of being extremely efficient. Most vent-free heaters come with an oxygen-depletion sensor, or ODS, which immediately turns off the gas to the burner if combustion makes oxygen levels drop.

While a vented heater is fixed in place, or hanging on a wall, a freestanding, portable heater offers you the ability to move it around the room so that it’s putting the heat where you want it.

James Oxygen & Supply’s professionals can help you choose the right size and type of heater for the space you want to heat.

Contact James Oxygen & Supply to find out all the ways propane heaters can improve your western North Carolina home!