Hearth Products to Warm Your Home

Enjoy the heat without the hassle with propane fireplaces, stoves and gas logs

hearth productsWhen winter’s chill comes to western North Carolina, coming home and relaxing by a cozy fire is the peak of comfort.

And when you buy a propane gas fireplace insert, a fireplace, a freestanding stove or gas fireplace logs from James Oxygen & Supply, you can enjoy that cozy fire without any work, unlike with wood fireplaces. There’s no buying, chopping or carrying in firewood, no building a fire, no waiting for it to get going, and no ashes and soot to clean up later.

Simply flip a switch or press a button and, unlike with electric fireplaces, you’ve got a real fire, with all the glow and ambiance you could want.

What James Oxygen & Supply can do for you

James Oxygen & Supply has a wide array of propane fire inserts, fireplaces, gas stoves and gas logs, so it will be easy for us to help you choose just what works best for your western North Carolina home.

Our hearth products come from top manufacturers like Empire, White Mountain and Peterson. We offer both vented (where the exhaust from combustion is safely vented outside the home) or vent-free (very efficient) versions.

In addition to selling you your propane hearth, we also install, maintain and repair your equipment, and do gas-log cleanup, to make sure you have your fire when you want it.

Advantages of propane hearths

Besides the convenience, using propane for your hearth is the best way to go for many reasons.

Cleaner and greener: Burning wood produces around 28 pounds of particulate emissions (the soot and ash that produce smog) per MMBtu (one million Btu’s). Propane produces less than 1% of that, as well as being about four times more efficient than wood-burning fireplaces. By using propane fireplaces, stoves or gas logs, you’re helping protect the beautiful western North Carolina environment.

Warmth when you need it: Unlike pellet stoves, which need electricity to distribute heat, a gas stove can operate when the power is out.

For your health:

You may love the smell of wood smoke from a fireplace, but it doesn’t love you back. Fine particulate matter from wood fires can cause serious harm to your respiratory system as well as heart attacks and other health problems. With propane, you avoid all that.

Get started on adding a propane fireplace, stove or gas log set to your home by contacting the pros at James Oxygen & Supply!