Propane Cylinder Refill Stations

Get your propane fast and easily

If you’re looking for a propane tank refill station so you have plenty of propane for your next cookout, James Oxygen & Supply has you covered. We have 10 cylinder refill stations all around western North Carolina, and cylinder exchange at our Boone location. Plus, James Oxygen delivers to Catawba County. Call our Hickory location, at 828-264-5098, for tank sizes and details.

propane refill stations in western north carolina

We bring the tanks to you with tank delivery!

Sometimes, getting out to the cylinder refill or exchange locations is a problem. We get it. Life can get hectic.

We’ve solved that problem for our Catawba County neighbors by introducing tank delivery! Download the James Oxygen & Supply app, available at both the Apple Store and Google Play, to place an order any time of day or night and we’ll promptly schedule the delivery from our Hickory office.

Here’s what we deliver:

  • 20-, 30-, and 40-pound grill tanks
  • 100-pound grill tanks for RVing, camping, cooking, big trucks, and apartments that use propane for cooking

Find propane or enhance your business with James Oxygen & Supply

Do you own a hardware store, a garden center, a gas station, a convenience store or a similar retail store? We have a great way for you to bring customers into your store and increase your revenue: a James Oxygen & Supply cylinder refill station!

How does this partnership work? The professionals at James Oxygen & Supply will come to your store, gas station or other location and set up the pumps and the hardware to ensure that all safety standards are met.

James Oxygen & Supply’s pros will also provide training for you and your employees, so you’ll know how to do the cylinder fill-ups safely and efficiently. And we’ll deliver the propane—you’ll never be out of fuel when your customers come looking for it.

When potential customers in your community ask, “Where can I refill my propane tank?” your store can be the first place that comes to mind (or to their online search) if you have a James Oxygen & Supply cylinder refill station.

Like the idea of more customers coming to your western North Carolina business? Contact James Oxygen & Supply to find out more about the opportunities available with our cylinder refill stations!