Welding Supplies for Your Western North Carolina Business

James Oxygen & Supply has all the welding accessories you need

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Welding machines are just the beginning of what a professional welder, or a business that relies on welding, needs for the job.

For a long time, James Oxygen & Supply has been helping welders all over western North Carolina get the quality welding products they need at a fair price. We take the knowledge and experience we’ve gained from being in business for more than 60 years, along with our foundation of stellar customer service, and put that to work for you.

Everything welding from one supplier

The advantage of coming to James Oxygen & Supply is that we understand the needs of welders. That’s why we offer top-quality welding supplies from leading manufacturers like Jackson, Miller, Tweco, Victor, Uniweld, McKay, Tilman, Washington Alloys, United Abrasives, Hobart and Safety Cart.

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No matter what kind of welding you or your business does, a good welding helmet is essential. We carry safe and reliable models.

Stick welding is the most common kind of welding done. So James Oxygen & Supply carries everything needed for stick welding. We have stick electrodes and electrode holders.

Are you looking for gas regulators and torches? Look no more. We can find the right one for you.

With a Tig welder, you need the right welding nozzle for different tasks. There are welding nozzles in various shapes: bottleneck, straight, long taper and short taper.

Which one you choose depends on the project, as you need to get the best joint access you can, and you want to optimize gas coverage, while keeping splatters to a minimum.

We can also help you choose the right size of cutting tips for your cutting needs, ones that are suited to the task.

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Need Welding Supplies? We come to you with our mobile welding supply store!

Businesses in Western North Carolina in need of welding supplies don’t have to make any special trips of wait for a delivery. That’s because James Oxygen & Supply brings them right to you with our two mobile welding supply vans. Check out the schedules below and get in touch with the service manager who is in charge of your town so you can buy your needed supplies right off the truck.

James Oxygen & Supply is your one-stop-shop for everything your western North Carolina business needs for welding. Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!