Compressed Gases for Western North Carolina Businesses

James Oxygen & Supply can deliver the gases you need

compressed gases in north carolinaIf your business relies on compressed gases, James Oxygen & Supply is the compressed-gases supplier you can count on for dependable and safe delivery.

All sorts of business, from Roaring River to Rhodhiss, can benefit from the more than 60 years of experience that James Oxygen & Supply brings to its compressed-gases services.

Compressed gases are used in manufacturing, electronics, construction, packaging, medical research, party centers and party supply stores, and more. Here are some other examples:

  • Welders and businesses rely on gases such as argon, helium and carbon dioxide.
  • Automotive repair and auto-body shops use welding gases as well as gases like oxygen and acetylene.
  • Bars, breweries, restaurants, and other food-service and food-processing companies have a wide array of uses for gases. One of the more common is using carbon dioxide for beverages like beer, soda and carbonated water. Carbon dioxide, nitrogen, argon and helium are commonly used in food preservation and refrigeration. For fast freezing, liquid nitrogen is used.

Why choose James Oxygen & Supply for your compressed gases?

James Oxygen & Supply has stayed in business since 1956 by offering reliable delivery its customers can count on, as well as an outstanding record of customer service.

Where we also stand out is our commitment to safety in the use of compressed gases, high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid containers. Our delivery personnel are highly experienced and are trained to provide responsible and safe delivery of your gases, as well as offering training, support and monitoring of your employees.

Need a supplier of compressed-gases services you can count on? Contact the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply today and become a customer!