Propane vs. Electric? No Contest

Propane’s a winner for your western North Carolina home or business

If you’re looking for energy efficiency, look no further than propane.

propane vs electricCompare the cost of propane versus electricity, and you’ll see how propane stands head and shoulders above electricity.

All about the Btu’s

Electricity just can’t match propane when it comes to Btu’s. Propane generates more Btu’s than an equivalent amount of electricity. What does that mean? It means you need much less propane to generate the same amount of heat energy.

Propane appliances waste very little fuel during combustion. That makes them much more efficient than appliances powered by electricity. Their efficiency also makes propane more environmentally friendly.

Propane brings the heat

Today’s propane furnaces are designed to make sure you have all the warm air you need, no matter what the weather. By using two-stage gas burners and variable-speed motors, these high-efficiency heating systems are better at keeping your home warmer than electric heating systems.

Fuel Savings Calculator Speaking of heat, compared with propane water heaters, electric ones are all wet. Propane water heaters can produce twice as much hot water in the same amount of time as electric water heaters. And they cost 30% less to operate than electric ones. If you get a tankless propane water heater, your savings on operating costs are even better—60% less than an electric unit—while you also get endless hot water, on-demand!

The professionals at James Oxygen & Supply can work with you to convert your water heating system to propane.

More propane superiority

Heating your home and your water aren’t the only ways propane’s got it all over electricity.

While propane ranges and ovens get lots of praise for their precise and instant temperature control, which helps you cook better, they also cost a great deal less to operate than electric versions. Another bonus: Your propane range or oven will work in a power outage.

Propane space heaters are safe and incredibly efficient at warming up cold or unheated spaces, so you can use them at any time of year.

A propane clothes dryer saves energy by drying your laundry 25% faster than an electric dryer. Also, propane dryers generate far less static, so they’re gentler on your fabrics. They also create fewer wrinkles, which means less ironing (and less electricity needed for ironing)!

When you compare the costs of propane to electricity, you’ll join Team Propane!

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