Propane for Your Western North Carolina Business

James Oxygen & Supply: your full-service commercial propane services provider

commercialThere are many ways propane works for business. And with more than 60 years of serving businesses all over western North Carolina, James Oxygen & Supply can put a wealth of experience and knowledge into action so that your business gets the propane it needs.

Propane for business use

What kind of businesses in our area use propane? It’s a pretty diverse crowd.

  • Restaurants, party centers, commercial kitchens, and institutional kitchens, like those in schools, nursing homes, churches, and assisted-living centers, depend on propane for the precise temperature control and even cooking that allows them to turn out quality food, and a whole lot of it.
  • Restaurants use propane in lots of ways besides cooking. Propane provides efficient, reliable water heating for dishwashing and cleaning. It also is used for outdoor grilling, space heating, firepits, and outdoor space and tower heaters.
  • Whether a construction company needs scissor lifts, a generator to charge power tools, or temporary heating in cold weather, propane can run the equipment.
  • Propane keeps chicken houses warm, no matter how chilly it gets.
  • Stores, offices, hospitals and more count on propane generators to keep things going when the power’s out. A propane generator can run life-saving medical equipment, an HVAC system to protect critical technology like computers, and refrigeration to keep perishable food from spoiling.
  • In factories and warehouses, propane forklifts are superior to electric ones, as their low emissions mean they can move materials both inside and outside. Refueling is easy and fast—you just swap the empty cylinder for a full one—whereas electric forklifts need to charge for eight hours.
  • In heat-shrinking businesses, propane heat guns let the pros get items wrapped quickly, properly and safely.

When it comes to commercial propane delivery, James Oxygen & Supply can take care of your business. Our drivers are trained, experienced and certified, so you get safe and courteous propane delivery.

We can work with you to come up with delivery and payment options that work for your business. When the market allows, we offer special pricing for fill stations and chicken houses.

Find out all the ways propane can make your western North Carolina business better. Contact the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply to get started!