Payment Options

With James Oxygen & Supply, you get payment plans that fit your budget

plan chartOne thing we’ve learned over more than 60 years of serving western North Carolina is that our customers’ needs vary when it comes to managing their propane use. A one-size-fits-all monthly payment plan is just not going to work.

So we’ve created multiple payment options; you can choose the right one for your propane needs and your wallet.

One great service we offer is the option of paying your propane bill online. Plus, you can sign up for our e-statements and get paperless billing: we send your bill to your email address.

With our Level Pay plan, you avoid higher propane bills when you really don’t need them: right around the holidays and before tax season. Instead, we spread out your propane costs so that you have an equal monthly payment every month for 10 months, June through March. Our program is flexible, so you can jump in at any time; it can also be used by automatic delivery customers. And, since you sign up every year, you have control over whether you stay on the plan.

James Oxygen & Supply offers another easy way to manage your propane costs. Our AutoPay plan automatically deducts your monthly propane bill from your credit card—that way, you don’t make a late payment and you don’t have to worry about finding a stamp.

Contact James Oxygen & Supply today to learn more about our flexible payment options!