Residential Propane Delivery in Western North Carolina

James Oxygen & Supply is your reliable propane delivery company

propane delivery in hickory ncIf you need fuel for your home, James Oxygen & Supply is the provider to count on for safe and dependable propane delivery.

We have the experience gained over more than 60 years of serving western North Carolina behind our ability to deliver propane to a huge area, from Hickory Metro and surrounding area. We have a staff of trained, experienced drivers dedicated to safely delivering propane to your home, and always providing courteous and friendly customer service.

Your propane delivery options

Our goal is to make propane delivery to your home easy and hassle-free, and it doesn’t get much easier than the James Oxygen & Supply automatic delivery plan. Once you sign up for automatic deliveries of propane, you don’t have to do (or worry about) a thing. You no longer have to go outside in bad weather to check the gauge levels on your home’s propane tank. You don’t have to contact us to schedule a propane delivery. No more stress about the possibility of letting your fuel level get too low when there’s a storm coming. And there’s no more worrying about having to schedule an emergency propane delivery—or having to pay for it.

We do the work for you. We will estimate your propane usage based on factors including the current and recent weather as well as the size of your home and your past propane usage. Using that information, we schedule a delivery to your home before you run low.

Not only do automatic deliveries make your life easier, you save 20¢ a gallon!

If you prefer having more control over your propane delivery, you can use our will-call delivery service. You are responsible for monitoring your propane tank gauge regularly, and contacting James Oxygen & Supply when your tank is 20% full. We can deliver our propane in five days, or can schedule a delivery sooner for an extra fee.

We can make keeping an eye on how much propane you have even easier with tank monitors available from Wesroc.

Want to become a James Oxygen & Supply customer? We offer a hassle-free switch with no installation fee and no minimum, and we give you a first-fill discount!

Become a James Oxygen & Supply customer today and enjoy the benefits of no-worry propane delivery service!