Comparing Propane to Electricity

Choose a Winner for Your Home

why propane north carolinaIf you want your western North Carolina home to be energy efficient, then make propane your fuel of choice. Propane is exceptionally versatile, so there’s a lot it can do in and around your home. It can provide heat in the winter. It can heat your home’s water, dry your clothes, and cook your meals (indoors and outdoors). Propane can upgrade your outdoor space by powering pool heaters, space heaters, grills, fire pits, and lighting. And since it’s safe and portable, you can take it camping, tailgating, and more. There’s so much it can do!

On top of all that, propane is efficient and eco-friendly. That makes propane good for the environment and your budget. Propane is a green fuel that saves you green as well.

When compared to electricity, propane comes out on top in a number of ways. Let’s explore some of the ways propane is a better choice than electricity.

The Numbers

Electricity is no match for propane when it comes to the number of BTUs generated. An equivalent amount of propane produces more BTUs than electricity. It takes less propane versus electricity to generate the same amount of heat energy. When you need less to get the job done, you use less. And the less you use, the lower your bills are and the fewer carbon emissions you create by using propane in your home. With the price of almost everything reaching all-time highs, using an efficient and cost-saving fuel like propane is a real win-win.

Propane also surpasses electricity in terms of efficiency. Propane appliances are significantly more efficient than their electric counterparts. For example, a propane clothes dryer can save you time, money, and energy by drying your clothes 25% faster than an electric dryer would. An added benefit of propane clothes dryers is that they’re gentler on your fabrics and cause less static cling. They also lead to fewer wrinkles, so you can save even more time and energy by not having to iron as much!

To summarize, propane appliances save you time and money. They’re also environmentally friendly. James Oxygen & Supply sells, installs, and maintains a variety of propane appliances—from water heaters to grills to space heaters for inside and outside your home.

Hot, Hot, Hot

The cold days of winter may feel far, far away right now, but when it’s time to switch from tees and tanks to sweaters and jackets, you’ll be happy to know that your propane furnace is capable of creating all the heat you’ll need to be warm and comfortable in your western North Carolina home. Propane furnaces are extremely efficient heating systems. They outperform electric heating systems. Electric heat pumps simply don’t work as well when the outside temperatures approach freezing.

Even on a hot summer day, you want warm water for bathing, washing dishes, and the like. Propane water heaters outperform electric water heaters. In fact, a propane water heater can produce twice as much hot water as an electric water heater in the same amount of time. Additionally, the operating costs for a propane water heater is roughly 30% less than that of an electric water heater. And if you have a tankless propane water heater, you’ll save even more money. Plus, you’ll have a limitless supply of hot water on demand. That’s especially great for large households. No one will have to wait for the water to warm up to take a bath or shower.

A Clear Winner

Propane has a lot going for it. With propane versus electricity, you’ll be able to more efficiently heat your home and your water. But there’s another reason propane is a clear winner compared to electricity: Indoors or out, you can keep cooking with propane. Power outages, especially after major storms, are becoming more and more common. If there’s a power outage, you can still cook your food with propane. Additionally, propane cooking ranges cost much less to operate than their electric counterparts.

When you compare all the things propane can do more efficiently and cost-effectively than electricity, the winner is clear. Propane.

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