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commercial gas supplier north carolinaJames Oxygen & Supply goes far beyond oxygen. There’s a lot we can do for your business. We supply propane, propane products, welding machinery, and supplies, and industrial gases—including compressed gases, medical-grade gases, and cryogenic gases. If your business is in western North Carolina, then look no further than James Oxygen & Supply for all your gas needs. Let us put our more than 60 years of experience to work for you.

As a James Oxygen customer, you’ll get safe and courteous service. Our drivers are trained, experienced, and certified. And we value customer service.

Your Business Is Our Business

Cryogenic gases (liquid gases in bulk) are used in a wide variety of businesses. For example, breweries, medical facilities, packaging companies, food processing plants, beverage makers, and foodservice companies can all utilize cryogenic gases. Here are some examples of how:

Health Care Applications:

Food & Beverage Applications:

Cryogenic Gases

James Oxygen & Supply has the cryogenic gases you need for your western North Carolina business:

Quality You Can Count On

Whatever your business, and whatever your cryogenic gas needs are, you can rely on James Oxygen & Supply. We are the region’s leader in the delivery of cryogenic gases. We’ve been delivering gases to businesses and medical facilities in western North Carolina for decades. Let us put our experience to work for you.

James Oxygen & Supply is family-owned and service-focused. Safety is of the utmost priority. Our delivery personnel have undergone rigorous training in the safe handling of cryogenic gases. We will also provide on-site safety training for your employees.

Count on James Oxygen & Supply for all your cryogenic gas needs. Contact us today to learn more.