Estimating Winter Propane Use

Propane use

One question we get every winter from customers is, “how much propane should I expect to use this season?”

An honest answer to that question would be “we’re not sure,” since there are so many unknowns that factor into the equation – the weather most obvious among them (how airtight your home is, how warm you like your house, and how new and well maintained your heating equipment is also have an impact).

However, even with all that uncertainty, there are some averages and rules of thumb that can be helpful when it comes to estimating propane use for your western North Carolina home. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates – any of the factors listed above, plus many others, can affect how much fuel you burn!

Estimating propane use for your home appliances

Here are some typical annual usage rates for common household appliances. It’s important to understand that most appliances use more propane (sometimes much more) during the winter than at other times of the year – even your water heater, which works harder in the winter to keep water warm inside the tank in your basement and to heat cold well or municipal water as it enters your house.

Appliance Annual gallons used
Propane furnace 1000
Propane water heater 250
Propane fireplace 200
Propane stove/Range 35
Propane clothes dryer 20

As you can see, propane gallons add up quickly – a key reason why having a reliable propane supplier is so important, especially during the Western NC heating season. If you want a better idea of how much propane your home might use – and how quickly, check out this article from – or better yet, contact one of our propane experts directly.

Stay warm and safe this winter with reliable home propane deliveries and certified propane service from the pros at James Oxygen & Supply. Contact us today to learn more.

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