Finding a Medical Gas Supplier

Safe and Professional Delivery in Western North Carolina

medical gas supplier north carolina If you’re looking for a medical gas supplier you can count on, choose James Oxygen & Supply. James Oxygen & Supply delivers much more than just oxygen. For a long time, we’ve provided a wide variety of industrial gases to a variety of businesses throughout western North Carolina. If you’re looking for medical gas supplies in North Carolina, you can count on James Oxygen & Supply.

Medical Gases

James Oxygen & Supply has years of experience and expertise supplying medical gases to medical facilities and practices throughout western North Carolina. Let us put our extensive experience and expertise to work for you. We have the medical gases you’re looking for. And we’ll ensure that they’re delivered safely.

If you have a medical practice or facility, you can trust James Oxygen & Supply to take care of your medical gas needs reliably and safely. We offer a variety of medical-grade gases that can be used in a clinic, doctor’s office, or any medical facility. We can also manage the installation and setup of your medical gas system.

Here are the medical-grade gases James Oxygen & Supply offers:

In addition to the gases listed above, James Oxygen & Supply also offers cryogenic gases delivery and service. We also supply portable oxygen tanks for in-home use. Just as your patients trust you to offer them exemplary care, you can trust James Oxygen & Supply to provide safe and professional delivery of your medical gases.

Cryogenic Gases

Cryogenic gases are liquid gases in bulk. Cryogenic gases have many healthcare applications. They can be uses in the treatment of skin conditions like lesions and warts. They can also be used for the safe and stable storage of organic materials such as cells, blood, and tissues.

As the region’s leader in the delivery of cryogenic gases, James Oxygen & Supply will put our decades of experience to work to deliver for you. James Oxygen & Supply can also manage the installation and setup of your cryogenic gas system.

Here are some of the cryogenic gases James Oxygen & Supply offers:

Safety Matters

James Oxygen & Supply offers your medical facility unmatched knowledge and experience. The delivery professionals working for James Oxygen & Supply are highly trained and extremely knowledgeable about the correct handling of medical gases and all pertinent safety standards. You can trust us to deliver and to deliver safely.

Your medical facility can also count on us to provide on-site training for all of your employees in the safe and appropriate handling of your medical gases.

Whatever your medical gas needs are, if you’re in western North Carolina, contact James Oxygen & Supply today to learn more about what we can do for you.