Five Things You Can Do for Your Outdoor Propane Tank This Winter

outdoor propane tank

Winter is in full swing here in western North Carolina, and during this cold time of year it’s important to keep our outdoor propane tanks in top shape. With a little care and an ounce of prevention, we can keep our propane tanks working the way they should as we begin the long climb toward spring.

Here are five things you can do to care for your outdoor propane tank and avoid problems in the months ahead.

  1. Keep propane in your tank – When the temperature drops, it’s difficult for propane tanks to maintain optimal pressure; low pressure prevents the gas from vaporizing, which could make your tank unusable. One of the best ways to keep pressure in your tank is to keep it at least half full during the coldest winter months.
  2. Consider insulating your tank – Insulating your tank with an approved propane tank heating blanket can also prevent pressure problems and keep your tank from freezing. Never use a space heater, hot water, or a blowtorch to heat your propane tank!
  3. Check regulator vents – Check regulator vents to be sure they are not clogged; If the vent is full of ice or snow, contact us for service. After a storm, be sure to check and clear exhaust vents from your home, too.
  4. Mark your tank – Mark the location of your propane tank with a flag or stake that will be visible in snow and snowdrifts.
  5. Remove ice or snow quickly after a storm – When you are clearing off ice or snow, using a soft broom; if you use a metal or plastic scrap it could damage the propane tank or create a potential hazard. Also avoid using a snowblower near the tank meter.

Keep your propane tank full and working right this winter with reliable propane delivery and expert propane system service for your western NC home or business from the pros at James Oxygen & Supply. Contact us today to learn more, or to become a James O2 customer!