A Propane Space Heater Can Warm Up That Cold Spot

Go from chilly to comfortable

home cold zone north carolinaEvery home has a space or room that just never seems to get warm enough. Perhaps your western North Carolina house has an unheated addition, attic, garage, or sunroom that you’d use more if you could keep it warm without breaking the bank. James Oxygen & Supply can help you turn that chilly space into a warm and cozy one with a propane heater.

Reclaim your space

Don’t let a chill keep you from using every inch of your home. Reclaim your space with a propane space heater. James Oxygen & Supply sells, maintains, and repairs propane space heaters. We offer top brands like Empire and Hearthrite.

Propane space heaters can help you get more use out of your sunroom, garage, or backyard shed. Make these spaces warm and cozy no matter how low the temperatures dip.

Benefits of vent-free heaters

A vent-free heater is an extremely efficient way to heat a single space or room. Because it’s freestanding and portable, you have the freedom to move it around the room and get warmth exactly where you want it. Worried about safety? Most models also come with an oxygen depletion sensor (ODS). The ODS monitors oxygen levels and immediately shuts off gas to the burner if oxygen levels drop below a certain point.

We’re here to help

Not sure which space heater is right for you? The professionals at James Oxygen & Supply can help you choose the ideal size and type of heater for the space you want to heat.

James Oxygen & Supply has been a reliable source of propane and propane products in western North Carolina for over 60 years. Our customers trust us for good reason. We are family-owned and service-focused.

If you need propane delivery or propane appliances like propane space heaters in western North Carolina, trust the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply. Contact us today to learn more about how a propane heater can help you get more out of every space in your western North Carolina home.