How Long Does a Propane Tank Last on a Forklift?

Propane forklifts make sense for your business

forkliftBusinesses all over the Piedmont area count on forklifts.

Forklifts are used in factories to quickly and safely move materials where they are needed. In warehouses and distribution centers, forklifts bring the products on and off the trucks. Your local home improvement store, warehouse store and garden center rely on forklifts to carry heavy and bulky products. Forklifts do a lot of work on farms, safely moving large and heavy items into and out of barns.

Propane from James Oxygen & Supply can supply the propane to keep those forklifts running.

Propane is the best fuel for forklifts for several reasons.

Contact the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply to learn more about how propane forklifts can benefit your Piedmont area business!