How To Check Your Propane Level

Propane Supply Management Tips

propane delivery hickory, nc Propane can do a lot in and around your western North Carolina home. It’s very versatile. Propane can heat your water, your home, your pool, and your deck. Propane can cook your food on the range or in the oven of your kitchen or out in your backyard on a BBQ grill. Propane can also power a whole-house generator that will keep everything in your home operating during a power outage.

When you get a propane delivery from James Oxygen & Supply, do you know how long it will last? Keep reading to find out how to know if you have enough propane and how to calculate how long your propane delivery will last.

How Much Propane Is Enough?

Given how much propane does in and around your western North Carolina home, it’s important that you know how long your latest propane delivery will last before it’s time to order more. You certainly don’t want to have a run-out. Why? If your propane tank runs empty it’s a headache and can be expensive. You’ll need an emergency delivery or propane, a required pressure test, plus the professional relighting of the pilots on all of your propane appliances. Those are inconveniences and expenses you can easily avoid by avoiding a run-out.

And you don’t need to run out completely for things to go wrong. If your propane level gets too low, air can enter your heating system and cause damage that will be expensive to fix.

How do you know if you have enough propane in your tank? As a general rule, you want to have a propane tank that is at least 20% full.

How Much Propane Do You Have?

Propane tanks come in a variety of sizes. If you know your tank’s capacity, then you know how much propane you have after a delivery. If you’re between deliveries and take a reading of your tank’s gauge, you can calculate the number of gallons that percentage represents.

Here’s how to tell how much propane you have and how long it will last:

Locate your tank. If you have an above-ground tank, it’s pretty hard to miss. You probably know where it is, but if not, just take a walk around your home. You’ll find it. Underground tanks can be trickier to find. Look for a small plastic dome. It will be a minimum of 10 feet away from your home and any other structure. Underneath the dome you’ll find the gauge for your tank. Now you’re ready to read it.

Read the gauge. Most above ground and underground propane tanks use a float gauge system. These types of gauges aren’t difficult to read. When you check the gauge, you’ll see a number that number represents a percentage. For example, if the dial reads 80, you have approximately 80% of a tank left of propane. If you know your tank’s capacity, you can calculate the number of gallons that percentage represents. Just remember, you never want your tank to completely run out of propane! You want to have at least 20%.

Do the math. To calculate how long the propane in your tank will last, you need to know your weekly propane usage. That in addition to knowing how much propane is in your tank will help you estimate how long your propane will last.

Propane Tank Monitoring

James Oxygen & Supply can make keeping an eye on how much propane you have even easier. No longer do you have to go out and read your gauge. Instead, we offer tank monitors from Wesroc.

Propane Delivery

When you’re ready for a delivery of propane, James Oxygen & Supply will deliver in five days. If you need your propane sooner, we can do that for an extra fee. And if you sign up for automatic delivery, you’ll save 20 cents per gallon!

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