How To Use a Deep Fryer Safely This Thanksgiving

Don’t Let Your Turkey (or Home) Go Up in Flames

turkey frying north carolinaAre you thinking about doing something special this Thanksgiving and using a deep fryer to cook your turkey? It can be a delicious alternative that leaves your oven available to prepare other components of your feast. However, it’s important that you are aware of the potential dangers associated with deep frying a turkey and avoid making some of the common mistakes that get folks in trouble. Don’t be a cautionary tale. Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property by learning how to safely deep fry your Thanksgiving bird.

Safe Deep-frying Tips

Here’s how to stay safe when deep-frying your turkey this Thanksgiving:

  1. Do a displacement test to make sure you have a big enough pot and just the right amount of oil in the pot. Having too much oil in the pot when the turkey is added leads to many fryer fires. Put your turkey in the empty pot. Then measure the amount of water it takes to just cover it while still being at least 4 inches below the top of the pot. That’s how much oil you’ll need.
  2. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed, patted dry, and has been sitting at room temperature for at least thirty minutes prior to cooking. Never, ever fry a frozen or partially frozen turkey! That can lead to an explosion.
  3. For similar reasons, never fry your turkey in the rain or snow.
  4. Choose your cooking location wisely. You should be a minimum of 10 feet from any structure (house, shed, fence, garage, deck, etc.). You also need to pick a level surface.
  5. Have the following items on hand: a frying thermometer to keep track of the oil temperature, heat-resistant gloves, a chair, and a fire extinguisher.
  6. Wrap your propane hose with aluminum foil. This will protect it in case any oil escapes from the pan.
  7. Always remain alert and within ten feet of your cooking setup until your turkey is done and the fire is out. Don’t step away for any reason. (This is why you’ll want to have a chair on hand.)
  8. Absolutely no alcohol consumption while you’re cooking.
  9. Use a fry derrick to slowly and safely lower your turkey into the hot oil. You can find all the items you’ll need at your local hardware store. For a guide on constructing a derrick, click here.

James Oxygen & Supply wants you and your loved ones to have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. We’ll provide the propane; you make sure you use it safely. For a video with advice on safely deep frying your turkey, click here.Then click here for general propane safety tips.

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