The Importance of Welding Safety Equipment

Keep Yourself and Your Employees Protected

welding equipment Marion, nc Running a welding company in Western North Carolina (or working in any industry that relies on welding) means that you’re in need of welding supplies that can help you and your employees get the job done and get the job done safely.

You can count on James Oxygen & Supply. If you need welding equipment—we have it all. We’re the only stop you need to make—or we can even come to you! We offer top quality welding machines and welding supplies. We also have knowledgeable staff members who are always ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

At James Oxygen & Supply we understand what you need to make it in the welding industry. First and foremost, you need to keep yourself safe as well as the welders who work for you. That’s why we sell much more than welding machines. And when you trust us with your welding machine and supply needs, you can rest assured that we’ll put our more than 60 years of experience to work for you to make sure you have everything you need.

Safety Supplies

Safety must come first. That’s why it’s such an important priority at James Oxygen & Supply. It’s our number one goal to make sure you and your workers have the safety equipment and information you need.

Here’s an overview of some of the safety supplies James Oxygen & Supply offers to minimize the risks to you and your employees:

Welding Machines

Welders rely on their welding equipment. It’s also a big investment. When you come to James Oxygen & Supply, we’ll help you find the best welding machine for your business at a fair price. Not sure what you need? Our staff can help guide you.

Here’s an overview of the different kinds of arc welders available at James Oxygen & Supply:

General Welding Supplies

As a welder, you need more than safety equipment and a welding machine. There are lots of other miscellaneous supplies that you need on the job.

Since stick welding is typically the most commonly used type of welding, James Oxygen & Supply sells everything you need for a stick welding job—that includes stick electrodes and electrode holders.

Here’s an overview of the general welding supplies you’ll find at James Oxygen & Supply:

Let Us Come to You!

In addition to safety, we know you value convenience. That’s why we’ve made sure you don’t need to make a special trip for supplies or wait for a delivery. James Oxygen & Supply has two mobile welding supply vans that will come to you. Simply contact the service manager in charge of your town, and you can arrange to buy the supplies you need right off one of our trucks!

Choose James Oxygen & Supply

If you’re a welder in western North Carolina, trust your business to the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply. We understand the needs of welders and offer top-quality welding supplies from brands you can trust like Hobart, Jackson, McKay, Miller, Safety Cart, Tilman, Tweco, United Abrasives, Uniweld, Victor, and Washington Alloys.

Contact us today to learn more about the products and services we offer to help you and your employees stay safe on the job.