Propane Delivery FAQs

propane delivery Wilkesboro, nc Propane is an extremely versatile and cost-effective fuel. There’s so much it can do in and around your western North Carolina home. You can use propane to heat your home, heat your water, run you clothes dryer, heat your pool, heat your patio, cook in your kitchen, or grill out in your backyard. And that’s not all.

Propane delivery is easy. But let’s take a moment to answer some of the questions you may have about propane and propane delivery. James Oxygen & Supply is a reliable propane delivery company.

Is Propane Safe?

Yes. Propane has an exceptional safety record thanks in part to a lot of government and industry regulations. Furthermore, propane is non-toxic, so in the rare event of a spill, you don’t have to worry about it causing damage to the nearby flora or fauna.

Are There Benefits to Automatic Delivery?

At James Oxygen & Supply, we want you to have things the way you want it. We also want to make your propane delivery as easy and hassle-free as possible. To that end, we offer our customers an automatic delivery plan. It really doesn’t get any easier than that. Once you sign up, you no longer have to do anything to get a propane delivery. Why not lessen your to-do list and eliminate the risk of forgetting to place an order and having a run-out or needing to schedule an emergency delivery (and pay the fees associated with it)?

Automatic delivery customers don’t need to make a chore of checking their tank’s gauge levels. They also don’t need to contact us for us to deliver their propane. We do all the work. We do all the calculations to estimate your propane usage and deliver your propane before you know you need it. There’s nothing for you to do or forget to do. How easy is that?

There’s an added bonus to being an automatic delivery customer as well. In addition to taking the hassle out of checking your tank’s gauge levels and remembering to call for a delivery, there’s another reason to enjoy being an automatic delivery customer. When you’re an automatic delivery customer with James Oxygen & Supply, you save money. Automatic delivery customers save 20 cents per gallon on every propane delivery. So being an automatic delivery customer makes your propane delivery easier and cheaper.

Does James Oxygen & Supply Offer Will-Call Delivery?

Some customers prefer to have complete control over their propane deliveries. For those customers, James Oxygen & Supply is happy to accommodate by offering a will-call option for propane delivery. Will-call customers must monitor their propane take gauge with regularity and should contact us when their tank is around 20% full. Delivery can be scheduled for five days from the date you call (or sooner for an extra fee).

James Oxygen & Supply is a family-owned business that is focused on service. In addition to oxygen, we offer quality propane products and services. In fact, we’ve been a reliable source of propane and propane products in western North Carolina for more than 60 years.

Contact James Oxygen & Supply today to learn more or to schedule a propane delivery.