Propane for Refrigerators? Way Cool!

eco-friendly refrigerator north carolinaRecent bans and reductions in the use of high-global warming potential (GWP) hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) – plus anticipation about further reductions in the future –  have led many air conditioner, cooler and freezer companies to transition toward more eco-friendly refrigerants. One of the refrigerants gaining the greatest momentum for use is R290 – a refrigerant made from propane gas.

Not familiar with R290? Here are some basics.

What Is R290?

R290 is a high-purity, non-toxic propane refrigerant used in a variety of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning units. The key eco-benefits of R290 are that it has ultra-low GWP and does not deplete ozone – two qualities that make it a preferred hydrocarbon alternative of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

The benefits of R290 extend beyond the minimizing environmental impact, however: R290 is also extremely efficient, resulting in energy savings over the lifetime of the unit. A study showed a 28.5 percent increase in efficiency in domestic cooling units when a blend of R290 and R600a was used.

R290 Safety

Like any other fuel, propane-based R290 is highly flammable – meaning that proper precautions must always be taken to comply with recommended professional handling and maintenance guidance. However, R290 has some distinct safety features that have made it one of the safer refrigerant options available for decades.

R290 in the Future

While R290 is a relative newcomer to U.S. refrigerant markets, it is already a staple option worldwide, used in millions of household and commercial refrigerators and freezers.

R290 is fast becoming the refrigerant of choice for dozens of refrigeration manufacturers – and many retailers, too (including Target).  

With a long track record and widespread need for climate-friendly solutions, R290 use is on the rise – thanks to the power of propane gas.

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