Propane: The Perfect Fuel for Your Restaurant

propane for restaurants western north carolina

If you’re a restaurant owner in western North Carolina – or planning to become one – you’ll be faced with daily challenges to minimize costs, reduce headaches, and provide a unique experience that will keep customers coming back for more.

Fortunately, propane can help you on all those counts.

Besides fueling the energy-efficient propane appliances that keep your utility bills low and your cooking staff happy, propane gas can also help you provide amenities that will delight your guests and turn them into regulars.

Propane’s many benefits – especially its versatility and high efficiency – make it an ideal fuel for your western North Carolina restaurant.

Propane can help you:

  1. Create a memorable ambiance – Propane outdoor fire pits, fire tables, and other distinctive decorative features can make a unique visual statement for your restaurant, while propane space heaters – including infrared heaters – can extend your restaurant’s outdoor season.
  2. Reduce your overhead – Most propane appliances – from propane cooking ranges to high-efficiency propane furnaces and propane water heaters – will outperform their electric counterparts, saving you money on operating costs.
  3. Help your chefs create their masterpieces – About 95 of the chefs working today choose to cook with gas – mostly for its precision temperature control. The bottom line: gas – including propane – is the pro’s choice for cooking.
  4. Protect your valuable food and wine – If your restaurant stores thousands of dollars – or even tens of thousands of dollars– worth of refrigerated food and wine, a power outage can be devastating. With propane backup generator, your food – and your power – will be protected.
  5. Make your life easier – All the features discussed above can be safely powered from a single onsite propane tank that your propane provider can maintain.

Reliable propane delivery for your restaurant

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