How To Grill Safely With Propane In Summer 2020!

gas grill safety north carolinaWe’re nearing the one month mark for summer 2020, but don’t worry: there’s still plenty of prime outdoor cooking time left this season. Just be sure, as always, to use your propane gas grill safely!

Here are ten reminders to help you grill right in Summer 2020.

10 Tips For Safe Grilling With Gas

  1. If you haven’t done a complete grill cleaning yet this year, it’s worth the effort: not only will your grill operate better and more safely, but a good cleaning will help your grill last longer. Check out this two-minute video from Consumer Reports for suggestions on how to properly maintain your propane grill.
  2. Keep propane grills propane gas cylinders outdoors at all times; never store or use them indoors or in a garage, covered shed or carport. Not only is this a fire hazard, it operating a grill indoors can also create a buildup of carbon monoxide – an odorless and potentially deadly gas.
  3. Clean your grates after you grill; leftover grease is the most common cause of grill fires.
  4. Always use your grill on a level surface and at least five feet away from the house or anything that could catch fire, such as overhead branches or furniture.
  5. Open the grill lid before you ignite the grill, and keep it open until you’ve confirmed that the grill has been lit. A closed grill can cause propane gas to build up and create an explosion risk.
  6. Unattended grills are the cause of half of cooking fire-related injuries, according to the National Fire Prevention Association, Once the grill is lit, stand nearby.
  7. Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill.
  8. Keep one part of your grill surface empty so you can easily move food to there if a flare-up occurs. After the food is moved, keep the grill lid up to burn off the flare-up.
  9. If the flare-up spreads, remove all the food from the grill; turn off the burners and gas.
  10. When you’re done grilling, turn off all the burners and close the cylinder valve before you leave the grill to go eat.

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