Winter Propane Run-out: Two Ways To Minimize The Risk

propane supplier north carolinaRunning out of propane during the winter is no fun – apart from the obvious discomfort of not having enough heat to keep your family safe and comfortable, it also creates other complications in your North Carolina home.

For one thing, running out of propane requires you to have your propane system pressure tested – at your own expense, of course. For another, a longer-term shut-off creates the risk of triggering a larger and costlier problem, such as frozen water pipes.

Needless to say, running out of fuel is definitely something you want to avoid, especially in winter. The question is, what are the best ways to do that?

If you’re a Will Call customer, you’ll have to be vigilant about checking the gauge on your propane tank – especially when temperatures drop. The gauge usually looks a lot like the gas gauge in your car, with numbers that show what percentage of the tank is full. Most gauges read from 0 to about 90 percent (tanks are never filled to 100 percent capacity because propane gas expands as temperatures rise).

A better way to go: Let James O2 manage your propane deliveries

The bigger question to ask yourself is whether or not you realistically have the time and discipline to check your tank day-to-day – especially when temperatures drop and you’re burning through gas quickly.

In our experience, most people don’t.

The good news there are two easy ways to stack the odds in favor of keeping the heat on all winter long. The first is to switch to FREE automatic propane delivery from James Oxygen. When you become a James O2 automatic propane delivery customer, our systems will estimate your fuel use based on your past bills and the current weather, scheduling your delivery when your tank reaches about one quarter full.

Automatic delivery is a convenient and no cost solution for you – a definite step up from Will Call, and an option most of our customers take advantage of – but there is one better way to eliminate guesswork with your heating oil supply altogether: install a Wesroc propane tank monitor.

For a nominal fee, a propane tank monitor will track your actual gas usage, alerting us (and you, via a smart phone app) when it’s time to fill your propane tank. A Wesroc monitor attaches directly to your tank, installs in minutes, and requires no maintenance on your part.

Let James Oxygen take some of the hassles out of winter with FREE automatic propane delivery and economical Wesroc propane monitoring in western North Carolina. Contact us today to learn more!