Predicting Your Winter Propane Usage

How to estimate how much propane you’ll need this winter

propane use north carolinaAs the days begin to shorten and the temperature outside begins to cool, you might be thinking ahead to winter and the best ways to prepare your western North Carolina home for the season. One of the questions often on the minds of our customers at James Oxygen & Supply is how much propane they’re likely to use during the winter.

What affects your propane usage?

The truth is that there isn’t a precise answer to that question. A lot of variables will affect your usage. Some of those variables are not within your control. The weather is the most obvious one. There are other variables that will be different from home to home. Is your house well-insulated and less prone to drafts or heat loss? Does your family like your home very warm, or are you comfortable keeping the temperature on the cooler side? Is your heat equipment new, well-maintained, and highly efficient or not?

There are a lot of variables to consider, but there are also some general guidelines you can apply to give you a rough estimate.

How much propane do your appliances use?

The following yearly estimates are just that, estimates. Keep in mind that these are also yearly averages, and that each appliance will probably use a disproportionally larger amount of propane during the winter months as compared to the other seasons of the year.

Appliance Gallons Used Yearly
 Propane furnace 1000
 Propane water heater 250
 Propane fireplace 200
 Propane stove/range 35
 Propane clothes dryer 20

For additional help estimating your winter propane usage, click here for a helpful article from Propane 101.

The information above can help you get a rough estimate for how much propane you’ll use this winter. Our experts can help you get a more precise idea of what your winter propane usage is likely to be.

James Oxygen & Supply has been a reliable source of propane for over 60 years. Our customers trust us for good reason.

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