Propane vs Electricity Is an Unfair Fight

There’s a clear winner for your North Carolina Home

electric home heating north carolinaAre you looking to bring energy efficiency to your western North Carolina home? Then look no further than propane. In addition to being exceptionally versatile and eco-friendly, propane saves you money. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways propane is a better choice than electricity.

It’s all about the BTUs, baby!

Propane has electricity beat in terms of BTUs. An equivalent amount of propane produces more BTUs than electricity. That means you don’t need anywhere as much propane as electricity to generate the same amount of heat energy. The less you need, the less you use. And the less you use, the less you spend and the fewer carbon emissions you create in heating your home.

Because they waste very little fuel during combustion, propane appliances are significantly more efficient than their electricity-powered counterparts. For example, a propane clothes dryer saves time and energy by drying your laundry 25% faster than an electric dryer could. A propane clothes dryer is also gentler on your fabrics and leads to less static cling. It also creates fewer wrinkles, which means you can spend less time ironing!

Because of their efficiency, propane appliances save you time and money. They’re also environmentally friendly.

Is it hot enough for you?

The answer is yes when you’re using propane. A propane furnace can generate all the warm air you need to be comfortable in your western North Carolina home, no matter how the weather changes. Propane furnaces are high-efficiency heating systems that use two-stage gas burners and variable-speed motors to heat your home. They outperform electric heating systems—especially in colder weather. The colder it gets the happier you’ll be with a furnace over an electric heat pump. Electric heat pumps simply don’t work as well when the outside temperatures approach freezing.

Want to take a hot shower? Propane water heaters outperform electric water heaters. A propane water heater can generate twice as much hot water as an electric water heater in the same time span. Propane water heaters also cost about 1/3 less in operating costs as compared to electric water heaters. If you opt for a tankless propane water heater, you’ll save even more money—spending roughly 3/5 as much as you would with an electric unit. An additional benefit is that you’ll have a limitless supply of hot water on-demand. No more waiting for the water to get hot when you’re last in line to shower! That’s especially wonderful if you’ve got a big family.

When you’re ready to convert your water heating system to propane, James Oxygen & Supply can take care of it. We’ll also help you take advantage of money-saving rebates.

Propane has a lot going for it.

Propane’s ability to more efficiently heat your home and your water isn’t the only way it’s got a leg up on electricity. Here are a few more.

Propane cooking ranges and ovens can be found in numerous professional kitchens because they offer the precise and instant temperature control chefs require. You can benefit from that too. You’ll also see the benefit in your budget, because a propane range costs much less to operate than its electric counterpart. Additionally, you’ll still be able to cook with your propane range or oven during a power outage. Electric ranges simply can’t do that. Think of the peace of mind and savings you’ll enjoy when you’re still able to cook and don’t have to throw away as much spoiled food when your neighborhood goes dark—something that’s becoming increasingly common, especially as a result of extreme weather events.

Propane space heaters provide a safe and efficient way to bring targeted heat to any space in your home. Get more use out of unheated or hard to heat spaces all year round.

When you compare all the things propane can do more efficiently and cost-effectively than electricity, the choice is clear. Propane.

James Oxygen & Supply has been a reliable source of propane and propane products for over 60 years. Our customers trust us for good reason. Let us help you get the most out of your home with propane.

If you need propane or propane appliances in western North Carolina, trust the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply to keep you safe and warm all year long. Contact us today to learn more.