Replace Electric Water Heater With A Propane Water Heater?

switch hot water heater from electric to propane western north carolina

If you heat your home with propane heaters or a propane furnace, but your water with an electric water heater, we have one question for you:


The truth is, propane can deliver water heater performance that electric water heaters can’t match. Consider these benefits of propane water heaters when compared to their electric-powered counterparts:

Benefits of propane water heaters

More propane benefits

Of course, water heating statistics tell only part of the propane performance story. Propane is also a Btu monster for home heating, with propane space heaters handily beating their electric heat pump counterparts without sacrificing operating efficiency.

But propane delivers more than energy savings: propane clothes dryers produce less static than electric counterparts, propane cooktops give you precision temperature control that no electric powered cooktop can match, and a propane fireplace can add a stylish element to your family’s favorite gathering spot – inside or outside your home – that you could never replicate with an electric model.

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