Cryogenic Gases: Six Uses and Applications

The Cold, Hard Truth

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Cryogenic gases – including argon, nitrogen, oxygen, helium and carbon dioxide – are pretty cool – about -238 Fahrenheit (-150 Celsius), to be exact. They’re so cool, in fact, that they’re used for doing everything from boosting your metabolism to boosting rockets into space.

Common uses for cryogenic gases:

  1. Surgery – Cryosurgery has been used for years to treat a variety of diseases – particularly benign and malignant skin conditions. This type of surgery works by freezing cells before removing them from the body.
  2. Electronics – The ultra-low temperatures that cryogenic fluids can produce enable electrons in materials to move freely – a great benefit for designers of superconductors and in spacecraft equipment.
  3. Biology – Cryobiology studies the effects of extremely low temperatures on organisms. There are several areas of study in cryobiology:
    • Cold adaptation, or cold hardiness, of microorganisms, plants, animals and vertebrates
    • Cryopreservation of cell tissues and embryos used in invitro fertilization
    • Cryonics – the low temperature preservation of humans and mammals with the intention of future revival
    • Preservation of organs for transplantation
    • Lyophilization (freeze-drying) of pharmaceuticals
    • Cryosurgery (see above)
    • Supercooling as applied to biological systems
  4. Food Preservation – With this application of cryogenics, foods can be kept preserved longer without any chemical threat to human consumption.
  5. Transportation of gases – Cryogenics can be used to transform some gases – such as natural gas – into a smaller, more transportable (that is, more liquid) form.
  6. Cryotherapy – Studies have shown that whole-body cryotherapy can reduce inflammation, increase energy, manage pain, and even boost metabolism.

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