Propane Is a Versatile Alternative Fuel

Is there anything it can’t do?

propane uses north carolinaPropane has a lot to offer the homes and businesses of western North Carolina. That’s because propane is extremely versatile, safe, and efficient. Using propane also has benefits for the environment, so you can feel even better about using it for your home or business.

Propane Outperforms Electricity

Compared to a home using electricity, a home using propane will produce only half the greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a big deal when you consider that a significant percentage (over 40%) of the electricity used in the US is created by coal-fired power plants. In fact, electricity is the second-leading producer of greenhouse gas emissions in America. Transportation is the only industry sector that ranks higher. In addition, coal-fired plants play a role in the presence of smog and acid rain. Propane does not.

You can learn more about why propane is a better choice than electricity for your western North Carolina home or business here.

Propane Offers Safety & Cleanliness

Consider the massive damage done to the environment whenever there’s an oil spill. However, a propane spill doesn’t damage the environment. Propane is non-toxic. Instead of polluting the air, water, and soil or adversely affecting the surrounding plant, marine, or aquatic life, propane evaporates.

Propane Offers Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency benefits the environment. Propane appliances are very energy efficient—significantly more so than their electric counterparts. Additionally, when you calculate the energy used for the extraction, processing, and transportation to its usage point, propane is 87% efficient, and electricity is just 32% efficient.

Propane Offers Dependability

Because your propane tank is on your property, your supply is never in question—especially when you sign up for automatic delivery with James Oxygen & Supply. In addition, with a propane-fueled whole-house generator, a power outage doesn’t have to interrupt your life or put your family’s safety or comfort in jeopardy. James Oxygen & Supply will make sure you have all the propane you need, and you can keep the lights and other essential equipment running even when your neighborhood goes dark.

James Oxygen & Supply has been a reliable source of propane and propane products in western North Carolina for over 60 years. Our customers trust us for good reason. We are family-owned and service-focused.

If you need propane delivery or propane appliances like propane space heaters in western North Carolina, trust the professionals at James Oxygen & Supply. Contact us today to learn more about what propane can do for your western North Carolina home or business.