Welding Services in Boone, NC

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James Oxygen & Supply is the best company in the Boone area for reliable welding supplies and services. We carry top-quality welding machines, supplies, safety equipment and industrial gases. You can trust our experienced staff to make sure that your needs are met.

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Boone: A beauty in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Boone, named for the famed early-American pioneer and explorer Daniel Boone, is the county seat of Watauga County.

You can discover Boone’s rich history at the Hickory Ridge History Museum. Volunteers, dressed in period garb, talk about the history of the region and demonstrate some of the skills of the Boone-area settlers, including blacksmithing, candle dipping, tomahawk throwing, basket weaving and spinning.

The disaster- and medical-relief agency Samaritan’s Purse is headquartered in Boone. The town is also home to Appalachian State University.

If you like nature, you’ll have a lot to do in Boone! Being up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, you can enjoy skiing at Appalachian Ski Mountain. Moses H. Cone Memorial Park offers 26 miles of trails for walking, biking and horseback riding.

Boone loves James Oxygen & Supply!

“We’ve been a customer of James Oxygen for four years. Everyone in the company that I’ve had to speak with — during delivery, making payments on the phone — has always been courteous, thoughtful and extremely helpful! We love them for everything they do for us! I would highly recommend them to anyone that requires their services!” – Wanda M.

welding services in boone, nc

James Oxygen offers complete welding services

  • TIG, MIG, stick and plasma arc welding machines
  • welding supplies, including regulators, cutting tips, torches, welding nozzles, filler metals and electrode holders
  • industrial gases for welding
  • welding safety equipment, including welding jackets, safety glasses and shields, welding gloves, helmets, respirators and filter plates
  • on-site industrial gas-safety training for managers and employees

When your Boone-area business needs welding supplies and services, James Oxygen is here for you! Get in touch with us to learn more about what we offer.