Welding Machine Repair Services in Western North Carolina

James Oxygen & Supply is there for you

welding machine repairs in north carolina

While James Oxygen & Supply sells great welding machines, supplies and safety equipment to welders and businesses all over western North Carolina, that’s not all we provide.

You can also count on us for service of your welding equipment.

What James Oxygen & Supply offers welders

Maintaining your welding equipment is essential for more than one reason. The most important one is safety. You’re working with electricity and gases, so your equipment needs to be in good working order to protect you, your co-workers and your property.

Taking care of your welding equipment also makes good business sense. This equipment is a big investment. Regular maintenance prevents small problems from becoming big problems that can lead to equipment failures that cost you time and money (either in equipment repair or replacement).

Our professionals can help you with regular maintenance service so that your equipment is on the job and stays there.

We offer a wide range of welding products from Miller. And you can have peace of mind knowing that we are also a Miller Warranty Repair Facility and have a Miller-certified repair technician on our staff so that your investment in quality Miller equipment will be protected.

And when you’re ready to upgrade your welding equipment and accessories, not only can we find the right equipment for you, we will work to find discounts and rebates to save you and your business some money!

Safety first

We are committed to making sure that you and your welders have all of the safety equipment they need, along with important information. Our professionals work with the leading manufacturers to make sure that we offer the latest information when it comes to welding safety and how to use safety equipment properly.

If you’re a welding contractor, or if you use welding as a key part of your business, trust James Oxygen & Supply with all your welding service and repair needs. Contact us today or schedule a service request below:

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