What Are Medical Gases?

medical gases Boone, nc For most people, the idea of medical gases probably mainly conjures oxygen, and maybe “laughing gas.” But for medical offices, laboratories, nursing facilities, labs, and more, medical gases encompass a broad category that plays an important component to patient care and diagnoses. Pharmaceutical grade gases are used both therapeutically and diagnostically. The most common medical gases include oxygen and nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas) but also nitrogen and helium, as well as gas mixtures and cryogenic gases.

James Oxygen offers a full range of medical gases and has a long reputation for reliability and safety. In a challenging economic climate, it’s important to manage costs while maintaining the quality and service your customers expect. That’s why so many hospitals, clinics, dentists, dermatologists, veterinarians, and other medical facilities trust James Oxygen for all their medical gas needs.

We offer a full range of medical gases including:

What Are Medical Gases Used for?

People outside the medical professions are most familiar with the use of oxygen, which is primarily used to aid in respiration. James provides oxygen for medical facilities as well as portable oxygen tanks for home use.

Medical air is a pure form of compressed air used to mix with and distribute other medical gases, and for patients in surgery, among other uses. It can be used in medical drug mixtures to administer combinations of gases. It can also be used in blood-gas mixes, which are used for analysis and diagnoses.

Nitrous oxide is better known as laughing gas, and it remains a common anesthetic and analgesic during surgery—particularly in dentistry.

Carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, has important medical uses. It is used to gently inflate and stabilize body cavities during laparoscopic surgery to allow the surgeon to maneuver more easily.

Helium is used both therapeutically and diagnostically. Therapeutically, it can help asthma and emphysema patients by reducing airway resistance. It may also be used similarly to carbon dioxide in surgical applications.

Cryogenic gases are gases in liquid form. Cryogenic helium and nitrogen are used in medical imaging processes such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT scans) which are crucial for many diagnoses. Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and store blood and other samples, as well as to freeze and destroy diseased tissue.

A Medical Gas Supplier You Can Trust

James Oxygen is a trusted supplier for all types of healthcare and medical facilities. We will work with you to understand your needs and set up a delivery schedule to make sure you have the medical gases you need, stored and delivered safely and on time. Our team can help install systems for cryogenic gases, and we can also help train your staff in safe handling of medical gases.

No matter what your medical gas needs are, if you’re in western North Carolina, contact James Oxygen & Supply today to learn more about what we can do for you.