What Is Compressed Gas Used For?

Industrial Gas in Western North Carolina

compressed gas service Hickory, nc If your western North Carolina business relies on compressed gas, you can count on James Oxygen & Supply. Don’t be fooled by our name, we offer much more than just oxygen, and we have more than 60 years of experience to put to work for you.

You can count on James Oxygen & Supply for dependable and safe delivery. In fact, we provide a wide variety of industrial gases to businesses throughout western North Carolina—from Rhodhiss to Roaring River. And we offer both high-pressure gas cylinders and liquid containers.

Which industrial gases does James Oxygen & Supply offer?

Here are some of the gases we provide:

Who Uses Compressed Gases?

A wide variety of businesses use compressed gas. Compressed gases are used in manufacturing, electronics, construction, packaging, medical research, party centers, party supply stores, and more. Here are some other examples:

Which Medical Gases Does James Oxygen & Supply Offer?

If you have a medical practice or facility, James Oxygen & Supply offers the following medical-grade gases:

We also supply portable oxygen tanks for in-home use.

Who Uses Cryogenic Gases?

From healthcare facilities treating skin conditions or storing organic materials (e.g., cells, blood, tissues) to food and beverage businesses looking to preserve the consistency, flavor, and texture of foods, a variety of enterprises use cryogenic gases or a specialty gas mixture. As the region’s leader in the delivery of cryogenic gases (which are liquid gases in bulk), we’ll put our decades of experience to work to deliver for you. We’re also able to manage the installation and setup of your cryogenic gas system.

Why Choose James Oxygen & Supply?

You should choose James Oxygen & Supply as your compressed gas supplier for a few reasons. First, we’ve been doing this a long time. We’ve been in business since 1956, and in that time we’ve offered our customers reliable delivery and exceptional service. We’re also committed to safety. All of our delivery personnel undergo rigorous training in safety standards. We will also provide on-site safety training, support, and monitoring for your employees. In short, you can count on us and rely on our experience and dedication to safety.

If you need compressed gas in western North Carolina, contact James Oxygen & Supply today, and we’ll get to work for you!