When Is It Time For A New Water Heater?

Four Warning Signs That It May Be Time

water heater installation north carolinaYour water heater works hard behind the scenes, pumping out hot water for your taps and appliances day after day, year after year.

But there will come a day when your water heater stops working – or worse, fails and causes thousands of dollars in water damage to your basement.

The saving grace for your basement is that your water heater will usually give you fair warning before it gives out altogether. Here are four signs to watch for – especially if your water heater is more than 10 years old.

Propane Water Heater Installations In North Carolina

If you’re experiencing these or any other problems, it could be time to replace your water heater. Our water heater experts will help you choose a model that’s the right fit for your space, use, and budget, then install it quickly and correctly so you can get back to your hot showers and dry basement.

We offer Rinnai tankless water heater models in a range of sizes contact us today to learn more!

When you know it’s time to upgrade your water heater, we’re here to help. Contact James Oxygen today to learn more about high-efficiency propane tankless water heater installations in western North Carolina!