Who Uses Cryogenic Gases?

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cryogenics hickory, NC Across several industries, cryogenic gases such as argon, nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and helium have become an invaluable tool for creating and perfecting products. From medical to space exploration, technological development to a host of other fields, the possibilities are endless when it comes to utilizing the power of cryogenic technology!

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Applications of cryogenic gases

If you are new to cryogenic gases, you may be surprised at the wide array of industries that use them.

The medical fields are a big user of cryogenic gases and technology. One application is cryosurgery, a minimally invasive technique that uses cryogenic temperatures to successfully remove unwanted tissue or malignant growths without the need for traditional surgery. Cryosurgery has been employed to treat an array of medical ailments, most notably benign and malignant skin problems. This surgery is incredibly efficient due to its utilization of frigid temperatures, which are able to successfully remove the targeted cells from the body. Ice crystals begin to form on the cells and ultimately tear them apart.

By utilizing cryogenic Dewars, medical facilities are able to keep biological specimens in their optimal condition for long-term storage. The vacuum insulated pipework and connecting points play a crucial role in this process by creating an environment conducive to the preservation of embryos, stem cells, and blood. As such, many biobanks have incorporated these systems into their operations.

The food industry is another major user of cryogenic gases. Not only does cryogenic refrigeration accelerate the cooling process, but it also helps to safeguard product quality. It’s no wonder then why cryogenic tunnel freezers and cooling trays are a must-have for any food processing business!

The electronics industry also uses cryogenic gases and technology. Electronic components are extremely sensitive and can be easily harmed during production due to their size, high temperatures, moisture, or oxidation. An inert gas like nitrogen is used to protect the product from contamination by neutralizing any pollution in its surrounding atmosphere. This way, a device remains safe from contamination during manufacturing.

Cryogenics are also used to transport gases such as propane. By transforming gaseous elements into liquids, the amount of space necessary for storage is greatly decreased. As a result, overall transportation costs plummet and the procedure becomes significantly easier.

As technology advances, cryogenic processing has become a favorable method to strengthen the longevity of materials. This process not only increases material durability but also allows for an extended life expectancy. Cryogenically hardened valve springs can last up to six times longer than their standard counterparts, and brake rotors can have a threefold increase in longevity. This process works on multiple different materials including metals, plastics, carbide, and even diamonds!

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