Your Water Heater Works Harder In The Winter

water heater tips north carolinaYour heating system works hardest during the winter, for obvious reasons. But it’s not the only home comfort equipment that works harder when temperatures drop: your water heater does, too.

Why the extra work load for your water heater in winter? Mostly for three reasons:

As you can see, overall hot water use tends to peak in winter.

Lighten Your Water Heater Load: 4 Ways

One way to offset the additional workload on your water heater is to use less hot water. Here are four simple ways to do that:

  1. Wash clothes on the cold setting – Each load of laundry you clean on the warm or hot setting adds 30+ gallons of water heating to your bill. That can add up quickly. Today’s detergents are designed to work at all temperatures.
  2. Install low-flow showerheads and aerators – Low-flow showerheads and aerators (the screw-on tip to your faucets) can cut your hot water usage in half without any noticeable difference in water pressure or comfort.
  3. Run appliances only when they’re full – Wait for a full load to accumulate before running your dishwasher or washing machine.
  4. Service your water heater – Like any home comfort equipment, your water heater will lose efficiency over time without routine professional maintenance. To get the best performance from your water heater, consider having it serviced every other year at minimum by a water heater service professional.

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