In What Industries Is Welding Most Commonly Used?

welding industries north carolinaDid you know that just about half of the products made in America require some kind of welding? It’s true!

Welding is central to a number of industries, including these six.

  1. Manufacturing – From furniture to mining machinery, just about anything you can think of that’s put together on a production line needs welding at one point or another. In fact, manufacturing accounts for about 60 percent of the welding used in industry today! Fast, cost-effective, and able to be used with a broad range of metals, MIG welding is integral to the mass production of just about any good.
  2. Aerospace – It’s no surprise that the aerospace industry has plenty of need for welding, considering all the metal that needs to be joined to make flying craft! Where gas welding was once the standard method for performing aerospace repairs, versatile electrical arc welding has taken control in recent years. Engineers use MIG welding for manufacturing aircraft, while plasma arc welding and electric resistance welding are commonly used for joining sheet metal and performing precision work.
  3. Automotive – MIG welding delivers strong bonds even between thinner metals, so it’s ideal for joining sheets of aluminum used on the automotive manufacturing line. Recently, cost-effective laser MIG welding has also been gaining ground in the industry.
  4. Construction and Infrastructure – More than half the steel produced globally is used in construction of commercial and residential buildings – which means there’s an enormous demand for welding on construction sites for both building and repairs. Flux-cored welding is also regularly used in the construction industry, with shielded-metal arc welding a messy but cost-effective alternative. Plasma arc welding works well for detailed precision projects.
  5. Railroads – Welding has been pivotal to the development of the railroad industry since its earliest days. Shot welding was an innovative form of spot welding created in the 1930s to bond steel together effectively.
  6. Shipping – From cruise liners and cargo ships to aircraft carriers, welding is central to the construction of most ships. Welding has been the gold standard in the shipping industry since World War II, and is used daily to repair ships of all shapes and sizes.

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